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Don’t Give into Your Feelings

If we could over come our feelings can you image….

Feelings can get us into a lot of trouble.  We think freedom is doing
what we want when we want.  The Lord showed me different.

He told me that the freedom comes in the doing; doing what you’re
suppose to do when you’re suppose to do it.  Then you receive a sense
of accomplishment because doing whats right is always better than
procrastinating.  The enemy loves nothing better than to keep you

I use to tell my children when they were growing up “don’t do what you
feel like doing do what you’re suppose to do.”

Practical application:

Pray about 6 things that you would like to accomplish tomorrow and
stick to your list.
Don’t make your list the same day you want to do these things you’ll
find your “feeling” will get in the way.

Marilyn Brooks

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